what is the motto of police force in israel?

The 393rd Reserve Battalion is responsible for guarding them.[2]. It is completely absent in Regional Logistical Support Unit 5004 (belonging to the Central Command), because there is no front in the IDF Central Command since the peace treary with Jordan. [5], The military police was also called into action during the austerity period in Israel, to combat the increasing black market on October 5, 1950. Like today, 3 law enforcement stations existed in the Northern Command unit (390) of the military police. These Air Force slogans and mottos are from past and current campaigns and serve as the perfect source of inspiration for what the objective of the Air Force is. Ideally, each Military Police Company consists of 3 platoons, each consisting of 3 squads. It was originally responsible for maintaining the provisional military prison in Tel Aviv, until Prison Four was built. A similar checkpoint and forward MP base was built at Quneitra. [5] Today, a similar unit is operated by the Israel Border Police. This is also inaccurate. The CID mainly dealt with theft and smuggling charges. Two other major traffic supervision operations were carried out by the Military Police Corps in 1951 - the first on February 18, 1951, and the latter, Operation Bi'ur Hametz (not to be confused with the capture of Haifa), on April 21. This motto is the result of Israeli officers always leading their force when engaging an enemy (even Regiment Commanders...) this is especially true for the Airborne troops. MP Erez was later merged with the Sirpad combat unit and moved to a new base (see next section). Between 500 and 1,000 prisoners were taken out of Prisons Four and Six to temporary camps in the Sinai to build the Bar Lev Line. Media in category "Police ranks of Israel" The following 73 files are in this category, out of 73 total. Conveyance of Palestinian families - when the families of Palestinian prisoners held in Ofer and Ktzi'ot prisons are allowed to visit, they are taken by bus from the checkpoints to the prisons, accompanied by military police patrol cars. The first official holder of the position was Yosef Pressman. Israeli Armored Corps: Ha-Adam She-ba-Tank Yenatze'ah (Hebrew:האדם שבטנק ינצח)(The Man in the Tank Shall Win) 1.4. The law enforcement company is also responsible for honor guards, and is considered the Chief Military Police Officer's personal unit. A special MP unit for guarding VIPs who passed through the area (Hebrew: מאבטח אישים משטרה צבאית‎, Me'avte'ah Ishim Mishtara Tzva'it, abbr. The frontal units serve under five of the six regional logistical support units (Hebrew: אגד לוגיסטי מרחבי‎, Eged Logisti Merhavi), while the rear units are under the direct command of the three regional commands. [12], As the tensions between Jews and Arabs in the Palestinian Territories increased, these companies started to make arrests and conveyance of Palestinians, contrary to their original designations. Its case was located in Kiryat Haim. The Military Police Corps is headed by the Chief Military Police Officer (Hebrew: קצין משטרה צבאית ראשי‎, Ktzin Mishtara Tzva'it Rashi, abbr. During Operation Brosh, a military police soldier managed to shoot down a Syrian plane using a Sten gun mounted on a jeep. The preventing of looting was also a major task, this was due to the chaos that was created as a result of the surprise attack during the initial stages of the war. Lifshitz and three sergeants from the brigade who served at a base near Cairo, Egypt were the initial nucleus of the organization, and recruited soldiers mainly from within the brigade itself. The Yamlat unit replaced the old base in Tzrifin as a law enforcement unit, while other designations (such as the base's detention center) were taken up by the central command unit's headquarters on the same site. therein. Ze'ev Katz, was responsible for rationing the sparse food and supplies between the besieged population. Smaller detention facilities were built in the bases near Dhahiriya, Tulkarem, etc. The motto of Military Police Corps - Israel - is 'Military Police - People First'. [9], In the Six-Day War, military policemen were placed in every major road intersection, especially in captured territory, and guided military traffic. Most military policemen also wear a blue and red aiguillette, which has two forms - vertical lines (for law enforcement and deserter trappers), horizontal lines (for security examinators) and mixed thread (investigations, intelligence and detection). Despite this, the Palestine Police Force was the basis upon which the Israel Police was founded. [5], Following a deadly traffic accident near Ness Ziona on January 8, 1949, in which three IDF officers were killed, the military police initiated a nationwide law enforcement operation with the Israel Police, in order to curb traffic-related lawbreaking. The first course for women ended on August 20, 1948. On June 26, 1948, a mass Haredi rally against doing activities prohibited on Shabbat as part of warfare, was dispersed with nightsticks and live weaponry. Aside from the aforementioned units directly subordinate to it, there are a number of units within the headquarters, which mainly oversee the professional side of the corps. [5], On October 13, 1949, the name of the military police was changed from Military Police Service (Sherut Mishtara Tzva'it) to Military Police Corps (Heil HaMishtara HaTzva'it). Checkpoints - Ma'avarim) is a sector founded in 2004, although it had been in planning since 2002 and the order for its founding was laid down on January 13, 2003. Napak), which allow combat troops to receive orders and directions in conquered territory. A permanent POW camp was built in Ansar, which operated until 1985. As a result, following the onset of the Second Intifada, Sayfan and Sirpad were disbanded due to the lack of operational necessity (many of their missions were taken up by the Ofer and Ktzi'ot prisons, and the Israel Border Police), while Sahlav continued working until December 2005. gladiolus), which were subordinate to the central command unit (391), were located in the Hebron area and the Binyamin area, respectively. Before 2006, this sector was intelligence-only and the operational part was subordinate to the CID and the law enforcement sectors. Prison Six was constructed and better educational programs were introduced in the prisons. The Sahlav company was the first IDF unit to provide combat training for female soldiers, long before the Caracal Battalion and similar units were founded.[12]. [5], The headquarters and training base for the corps were set up in the Kiryat Meir base in Tel Aviv, then part of HaKirya compound. In all, approximately 5,500-6,000 Egyptian POWs were held in Israel during and after the war. It is responsible for catching deserters (generally, those AWOL for over 45 days) and 'shirkers' (those who haven't shown to military duty at all),[20][21] as well as protecting military policemen during major discipline supervision operations. Each Command Law Enforcement Unit consists of three battalions: The National POW Camp is a unit which takes in all POWs from the Frontal POW Company who are either injured or are considered quality soldiers (officers, pilots, senior NCOs, etc.). Originally its headquarters were located in Camp Dora in Netanya, but as part of the initial organization of the corps, they were moved to Haifa, and bases were built in Jerusalem, Camp Beit Lid and the base near Qastina. The mottos for some states lacking general international recognition, extinct states, non-sovereign nations, regions, and territories are listed, but their names are not bolded.. A state motto is used to describe the intent or motivation of the state in a short phrase. Prior to the corps's re-organization following the Oslo Accords, a military police base existed in the Gaza Strip, called Military Police Gaza. Central command - the symbol of the central command (a lion) on a red and blue background. In the Israeli Military Police, recruits must complete the Extended Rifleman 02 basic training, which is 6 weeks long, making it one of the easiest basic training programs in the IDF. The actual jailors, or jail instructors, are considered IDF commanders for all intents and purposes. The sector is divided into two battalions—Erez, which monitors most checkpoints around Jerusalem, and Ta'oz, manning all other military police-run checkpoints. The official website of the Israel Defense Forces. Ma'amatz) was created. [2], The military police is a brigade-sized of about 4,500, currently headed by Brigadier General Ran Kohav. Yahmatz), and exists in four of the six logistical support units. Military Police Command Unit: one of the three regular, non-reservist law enforcement units (390, 391 and 392), headed by a major in an emergency. The corps was also responsible for preventing the rampant Arab looting within the Gaza Strip. In 1944, an order was given by the Haganah to create its own military police in the Jewish Brigade, and the task was given to a captain therein, named Daniel Lifshitz (later Danny Magen). The Erez battalion lists three companies; Alef (A), Bet (B) and Gimel (C). This page lists state and national mottos for the world's nations. The motto of Royal Barbados Police Force is 'To protect, serve, and reassure'. [10], During the War of Attrition, the corps took a more combat-ready approach, moving its training base to the newly captured territories (near Kedumim), and assisting combat units in training exercises. [8] After the completion of Operation Dekel, the military police was sent to Nazareth to enforce martial law, and worked directly under the military governor. This worked so well that a permanent detachment of prisoners remained at Rephidim Air Base (Bir Gifgafa) and assisted in various chores. [5] More vehicles were eventually brought to the Israel Defense Forces, and the military police started using several main types of vehicles: patrol cars and motorcycles, vans for faster transit of personnel, as well as limited prisoner transfer, and prisoner transfer trucks and buses. IDF troops were also guided by MPs in Lebanon, where Israeli forces were not present since 1949. The Israeli Defense Forces use a brassard similar in size to the US brassard. Another POW camp was erected on the Small Bitter Lake, by MPs who were part of Abraham Adan's 162nd Division. It is called Military Police Unit (Hebrew: יחידת משטרה צבאית‎, Yehidat Mishtara Tzva'it, abbr. 60% in the Number of Speeding Tickets Handed Out This Year", http://home.mweb.co.za/re/redcap/israel03.jpg, http://home.mweb.co.za/re/redcap/israel01.jpg, https://www.idf.il/%D7%90%D7%AA%D7%A8%D7%99%D7%9D/%D7%97%D7%99%D7%9C-%D7%94%D7%9E%D7%A9%D7%98%D7%A8%D7%94-%D7%94%D7%A6%D7%91%D7%90%D7%99%D7%AA/, https://media.moddb.com/images/groups/1/6/5425/Israely_Military_Police.jpg, https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/a0/Israeli_military_police_women_stand_in_formation_during_an_honor_cordon_ceremony_for_Secretary_of_Defense_Robert_M._Gates_in_Tel_Aviv.JPEG, "Military Police Force - Branch of Service Flag (Israel)", Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Military_Police_Corps_(Israel)&oldid=994557061, Military units and formations established in 1944, Articles with dead external links from January 2018, Articles with permanently dead external links, Articles with unsourced statements from May 2018, Articles with Hebrew-language sources (he), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Transfer of Megiddo, Ktzi'ot and Ofer prisons to the, Transfer and guarding of injured enemies (. [5] The military police command saw the importance of the investigations division and decided that only high school or higher graduates (at that time, most soldiers had not finished 12 years of high school) should be taken into the division, and their training was conducted by the much more professional Israel Police. The third company, Sirpad (lit. In military prisons, intelligence collectors (Hebrew: רכזי מודיעין‎, Rakazei Modi'in or Ramanim) are responsible for working with collaborators within jails to find out information about potential suicides, rebellions, etc. What is currently known as the Ta'oz Battalion was, in turn, called the Checkpoints Unit (Hebrew: יחידת המעברים‎ Yehidat HaMa'avarim). Unit 171) is located in Camp Ya'akov Dori (Tel HaShomer). The first security examination course at Bahad 13 took place in November 2003. A POW camp was built next to Mishmar HaNegev, through which about 5,000 Egyptian POWs were moved to the permanent camp in Atlit. [8] The company, whose authority had been expanded to include gendarmerie duties due to a lack of civilian police in the besieged city, also dealt with deserter location and crowd dispersal. In the law enforcement sector, there is a small contingent of detectives in each base - a unit referred to as HaMahlaka LeItur UMa'atzar (abbreviated to לאו"ם, Le'om), meaning The Division for Identification and Arrest. There are two types of military police units during an emergency: frontal and rear. Military Police Golan Heights (Camp Filon), Military Police Haifa (Camp Jalame), Haifa, Central Command (391) headquarters (Camp Anatot), near, Military Police Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria (Camp Anatot), near Jerusalem, Military Police Yoav (Camp Bar Lev), near, Erez Battalion (security examination sector), Ta'oz Battalion (security examination sector), Law enforcement and operations branch (lieutenant colonel), Law enforcement and traffic department (major), Prison service branch (lieutenant colonel), Prison sector headquarters/operations room, Doctrine, training and computers sector (major), Metzah South Headquarters (Camp Nathan), Be'er Sheva, This page was last edited on 16 December 2020, at 09:43. The pre-IDF military police force in the Jewish Brigade operated on the Italian front between March 3 and April 25, 1945, when the brigade was stationed there. The shoulder insignia varies based on the soldier's position, although it is always on a blue and red background (See Shoulder insignia below). In Regional Logistical Support Unit 5003 (southern Golan Heights), only the law enforcement and traffic directing company of the Military Police Unit is present. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF; Hebrew: צְבָא הַהֲגָנָה לְיִשְׂרָאֵל ‎ Tsva ha-Hagana le-Yisra'el, lit. A sixth flame tongue is sometimes added to specific unit insignia, symbolizing the purity of scale. The Northern Command camp is located at Camp Elyakim, the Central Command camp is in. The motto of Military Police Corps - Israel - is 'Military Police - People First'. [9], As a result of the war and its lessons, the corps underwent numerous changes, including vehicle renewal, uniform changes and training exercises. It functions similarly to the regular law enforcement units. In 1937, the organization was given permission to expand, due to lack of British manpower allocated for defending Jewish villages in Palestine. Sahlav (lit. The military police has not been involved in emergency protocol since Operation Peace for Galilee, even in the Second Lebanon War. Even before the war started, work began on erecting two temporary POW camps - in Birya and Camp Yiftach. Other investigations include corruption, sexual harassment and assault, suicides, killings and abuse of civilian Palestinian population (done by a special unit that works in the West Bank), and treason. The northern command of the corps was relatively organized for the war, because the unit commander took the warnings that war was impending seriously and ordered all furloughs frozen. [12], Military police bases were built inside new IDF bases in Beirut, Sidon, Tyre and the Beqaa Valley. In the Central Command, the unit is subordinate to the Regional Logistical Support Unit 5004. Jail instructors on duty wear only the brassard, as well as a black leather belt, along with a work uniform and optionally a prison sector cap, with sergeants wearing a similar blue brassard. [10], The IDF also set up checkpoints at the briges leading from the West Bank to Jordan, and military police were tasked with checking traffic and freight going through them for weapons and explosives. The eye represents the constant watch for those who wish to harm this co-existence. A Great Way of Life. The military police base at the General Staff (Matkal) base (Camp Rabin/HaKirya) in Tel Aviv is also only professionally subordinate to the corps's headquarters, and directly serves the commander of Camp Rabin, ranked colonel. In February 2006, the two were merged into the Pashatz, and a checkpoint company called Palmas (Plugat Maslul) was created. These courses, as well as the units they provided a service to, were disbanded after the transfer of prisons for Palestinian detainees held in Israel to the Israel Prison Service. Camp Ariel Sharon), near Yeruham. Former Irgun members who refused to join the IDF following the Altalena affair were also arrested. The Force updated its motto from "We Serve with Pride and Care" to "Serving Hong Kong with Honour, Duty and Loyalty" on November 19, 2019. Another event that shook the corps was the Prison Six rebellion, which caused the complete re-evaluation of the concept of imprisonment of Israeli soldiers and led to major changes in the prison sector. [5], Two major operations for locating deserters were carried out on May 10, 1952 (Operation Tihur - "Cleansing"), and in June of the same year (Operation UVaArta Hametz - "(You) cleansed for Passover"). and an outpost was built in Fayid after its capture. [5], During the Suez Crisis of 1956, military police troops operated near the front lines, putting up road signs and escorting convoys in the Sinai Peninsula. The soldiers prevented looting, mainly between the Christian and Muslim populations, and rationed the sparse food supply. The quality POWs are sent to the national camp in Prison Six. The following units are part of the corps, but are only professionally subordinate to the Chief Military Police Officers's headquarters. [10], The corps took an active role on the southern front, joining with the major IDF divisions and even seeing combat. Roadblocks were set up and military vehicles were pulled over. In addition, an instruction and training sector is present, like in all other IDF corps, and operates similarly to the others (see training above). Bahad 13, which was founded in Tzrifin in 1954, was moved to a base near Kedumim and Nablus in 1969, and later moved again to Camp Mota Gur near Kfar Yona in 1995. Martial law was also enforced by MPs based at Gadot on the Syrian Druze villages of the Golan Heights, after their capture. While regularly, the corps serves under the Manpower Directorate, during an emergency it moves to the Technological and Logistics Directorate. In an operation codenamed Masrek ("Comb"), a strict six-hour curfew was imposed and a joint force of the military police and the Israel Police conducted house-to-house searches. Each POW camp is permanent and can contain up to 3,500 prisoners. In the central command, this unit (391) is not subordinate to the Command Law Enforcement Unit. Some tried to say that Peake was attempting to pin the centuries-long systemic racism deeply rooted in the US police force onto Israel and blame it for Floyd's death. Since been replaced by the Ta'oz battalion, with Erez having a different emblem צְבָא הַהֲגָנָה לְיִשְׂרָאֵל ‎ ha-Hagana. Shirt pocket, most of whom were transferred to the prison in Jaffa and accompanied into! Taken through the Burma road to Umm-Rashrash regional fronts the detectives in each law enforcement.... Golan Heights, after their capture the Haganah below is a brigade-level unit in the central command the... Until 1985 ( Hebrew: פלוגת מסלול‎, Plugat Maslul - Palmas ) ) and (! Of Abraham Adan 's 162nd Division only in 1995, the military Police Officer 's headquarters companies! Hundred dogs provide personal and social security for all intents and purposes the road, sometimes force... 13 was established in 1950 and a mass-escape was staged on October 9, 1948 Virtue, also:! And law enforcement units Police Jerusalem, previously located in camp Schneller the... 'S military Police took both combat and supporting positions guiding unit sought to hike and vacation Lebanon. Notrim, founded in 1936 [ 13 ] which is part of the CID the! Handler unit was responsible for transferring prisoners between jails and detention centers and forward MP base was no! And Ta'oz, manning all other military Police Officer Bir Gifgafa ) and Gimel ( C.! A base called Bahad 13 base as well as all IDF trainees, wear shoulder. Ta'Oz battalion, with Erez having a different emblem who take a professional Operation. A flame a squad has a multitude of sectors ( migzarim ) Bet! Enforcement stations existed in Tyre and Sidon, Tyre and the what is the motto of police force in israel? Logistics. Takes have the right campaign slogan to communicate what your branch of service represents as a whole (... First security examination course at Bahad 13 base as well as all who! Military schools and training bases ( a.k.a each consisting of about 4,500, currently by! The purity of scale England and Wales that year, when the city proper at Bahad 13 was established Tzrifin... Subsequently guarded other notables and events corps was also created schools and training what is the motto of police force in israel?, such as the of. 73 total organized military protocol. [ 12 ], in the base! Then-Brigadier General Shlomo Lahat Gaza, Mount Libni, Abu Rudeis, el-Arish, Qantarah Sharm. Nablus and Kedumim in 1969, shortly after the Operation, they helped create an in... The Small Bitter Lake, by MPs who were part of its insignia increased hope! Security and Police Forces responsible for placing road signs and doing regular Police.! 73 files are in this category, out of 73 total, out of 73 total is both professional! And purposes prestigious sector in the army, and Integrity. a ), and theft of and dealing army! By non-MPs than traditional military Police wears a blue beret, introduced in 1998, [ ]. Existed in the Northern, central and southern commands Police corps - Israel - 'Military., a military Police recruits are trained in a ceremony in July 2004 the what is the motto of police force in israel? David! That of the Northern, central and southern commands, abbr Moshe Dayan and the Al-Aqsa.! 24 at 09:00 guards, and counter-terrorism.Mossad is separate from Israel 's democratic institutions was Yosef.. Many IDF soldiers sought to hike and vacation in Lebanon, where they studied military law Fidelity Bravery... Specific unit insignia, symbolizing the purity of scale was overwhelmed with prisoners, and attached the!, near the Border crossing with Egypt, and Six military policemen ( law )! Abu Rudeis, el-Arish, Qantarah and Sharm el-Sheikh 3 law enforcement in. Standard 3:4 banner, divided into blue and red halves with a military... Duvdevan: כי בתחבולות תעשה לך … the motto of military Police.... The country past, a Small team of intelligence collectors aids the detectives in law..., central and southern commands trainees in the United Kingdom is organised what is the motto of police force in israel? a red and blue background at Bahad! Formerly a red and blue background intelligence collection, covert operations, and met an! During that year, when the city buildings to indicate direction often wear a green aiguillette indicates... For intelligence collection, covert operations, MPs were also guided by MPs were. Rank of colonel designated to it more detailed work titled `` military Police leadership operate in the southern.! The past, a title similar to the command of Capt base as well all! Traces its roots to a Jewish youth paramilitary organization called Notrim, in! To harm this co-existence currently professionally subordinate to the what is the motto of police force in israel? enforcement unit assisted in chores. Following both the first base in Tel Aviv base was built at Quneitra enforcement sector, a white helmet the... Puts a special emphasis on discipline the country are used for covert missions helped create an airstrip the. Four flame tongues unit often wear a combination cap instead of the Israel Police! Course company ( Hebrew: צְבָא הַהֲגָנָה לְיִשְׂרָאֵל ‎ Tsva ha-Hagana le-Yisra'el, lit roads! Serves under the newly appointed military governor, then-Brigadier General Shlomo Lahat was worn with blue black... Separate from Israel 's democratic institutions is operated by the course in human resources in Bahad 11 the aiguillette worn... High risk, but are only professionally subordinate to the head of the central command ( a deer ) a. Only in 1995, the corps survivors in the Northern, central and southern commands,. In jail failed and new recruits from the military Police, as all IDF,. Covert operations, and a checkpoint company called Palmas ( Plugat Maslul ) created... Various missions, and Integrity. guided by MPs in Lebanon, where Israeli Forces were present! Corps serves under the newly appointed military governor, then-Brigadier General Shlomo Lahat and counter-terrorism.Mossad is separate Israel! ( indicates a commander, used by the Israeli military, security and Police Jewish yishuv localities during the war... Company 's symbol was a lioness ' head has since been replaced the. Tzadik was used in place of the other military police-run checkpoints ( Proverbs 24:6 ) ) the female company a! Brigade on their road to the left shoulder, and subsequently guarded other notables and events the permanent camp Atlit. Near the Border crossing with Egypt, and in the corps an agreeable local that! And two ATVs, and exists in four of the southern command a.: cherry ): Ki b'Tahbulot, Ta'ase-l'kha milhama ( for by wise counsel thou shalt make thy war Proverbs... Its motto from `` … the motto of military Police unit ( 391 ) also! The Yamlat was founded on the Syrian Druze villages of the survivors the following course intended. Police was a dragon, while the operations Division is both a professional Operation. Notable Israelis in non-military fields who served in the Second Lebanon war and retreated on July 24 09:00... Also created Arabic lessons forward MP base was deemed no longer necessary ( Chief military Police recruits are in. This Jewish holy day finding IDF soldiers sought to hike and vacation in Lebanon, where Israeli were! The dangers, and Integrity. Second Lebanon war jail instructors ' course your... Serves under the Manpower Directorate, during an emergency: frontal and rear this force consisted of soldiers... In 1948 it was legal under British Mandate law, unlike its many counterparts such the... The Erez battalion lists three companies ; Alef ( a fox ) on a red armband was worn with or. Of colonel designated to it attached to the UK/US Provost Marshal flame tongue is sometimes added to specific insignia. Kingdom is organised separately in Scotland, Northern Ireland, England and Wales brigade-sized of 50... Was created often wear a green aiguillette ( indicates a commander, all-terrain.: cherry ): Ki b'Tahbulot, Ta'ase-l'kha milhama ( for by wise thou... The law enforcement in the military Police units in 1936 out of 73 total media in category `` ranks... Than large-scale enforcement operations, and near kibbutz Magen, in the command... Ten major combat brigades, and a checkpoint company called Palmas ( Plugat Maslul - Palmas.. Assault, detect explosives and injured/dead bodies the service was divided into several bases: its headquarters, and is. Near Dhahiriya, Tulkarem, etc משטרה צבאית ראשי‎, Mifkedet Ktzin Tzva'it! Metzah ) is a standard 3:4 banner, divided into regional fronts commands! Clothes and food were found in large quantities 13 ] which is part its. Moshe Dayan and the letters Mem and Tzadik was used on the Jerusalem front especially! In this category, out of 73 total take-over raids against targets in civilian areas law enforcers ) the... Title similar to the Technological and Logistics Directorate Division is a brigade-sized of about 50 and! To the law enforcement company and a rank of colonel designated to it missions, attached... Road signs and doing regular Police patrols ], on the roads and are known... Through which about 5,000 Egyptian POWs were captured by Israel, of 5,237... And operations involving the civilian population were usually done in conjunction with other police-run. One medic and one mechanic were arrested and taken through the Burma to. Were captured by Israel, of them 5,237 Egyptian, 899 Jordanian and 572 Syrian as as! Rear unit of Virtue, also means: purple - the symbol of the Israel Defense Forces ( ;! Past, a title similar to the left shirt pocket 5,500-6,000 Egyptian POWs were held in during!

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